whatever is healthy is not available easily and whatever is available easily is not always healthy
JooFr! is the solution - among the many benefits of JooFr! we are most proud of how it combines Health and Convenience!
whatever is healthy is not available easily and whatever is available easily is not always healthy

About JooFr!

JooFr! simply put is a machine that combines the benefits of high quality fresh fruit juice with the convenience of an automated vending machine!

We hand pick the best fruits daily to make sure you get the best juice. The design and operation of the machine is such that it ensures you get premium quality 100% pure cold fresh juice 24X7 JooFr! is still young, therefore we are looking for feedback (good and bad) so that we can continue to improve ourself! Please use the contact us form on this website or email us at support@joofr.com or simply tweet to us @joofr16.

To learn more about the machine and its functioning, please visit the OUR MACHINE section of this website.

Gulp the pulp


Ashley – Intelnet

“I tried the JooFr! Orange juice, its absolutely awesome Very fresh and worth price that I paid for it!”

Shanti, Keppel FELS Offshore marine Mumbai

“The JooFr juice vending machine is excellent, The orange juice is excellent, its fresh, chilled and quite sweet; Thank you JooFr!”

This Viraj and Sachin – Transparent value

“We really like JooFr! – We drink it every day and we like the Orange Juice and it's a very nice product.”

Ronal Fernandes

“As one walks into the Lobby of Paradigm A wing lobby, one cannot miss this attractive machine in the corner. At first you might think it's a juke box, but as you get closer, the fresh fragrance of crushed tangerines mesmerizes you and captures all your senses. Thank you JooFr! for this innovative step to introduce this magic machine in the lobby, it not only plays you a hip shaking toe tapping jingle but makes you a refreshing chilled massive cup of orange juice.”


"whatever is healthy is not available easily and whatever is available easily is not always healthy"

JooFr! is the solution - among the many benefits of JooFr! we are most proud of how it combines Health and Convenience!

why Citrus juice daily?

Competition, what's that?

Business Opportunity

  • Love what you see so far? Its gets better now -

    We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs like you – and we have many options for you The goal is to help create a healthy habit for people across India – and for this our current team is too small – we need you and we promise that it will “Fruitful” & “Juicefull” for you.

    You can JooFr! too.

    Got a question or an idea that you want to explore with us – don't hesitate give us call. contact us as:


  • JooFr! is built for handling all kinds of citrus fruits and currently we focus on Oranges and Sweet lime (Mosambi) because these two fruits came on top during a market research phase. The machine can also make Pomegranate juice.

  • Our mantra is fresh daily – we have an operations team which sources fruits daily – and based on the quality and quantity available on a given day, we decide what fruit to buy. If you have a preference for one type of fruit over the other – please feel free to give us a shout out using twitter @joofr16.

  • As in any vending business, location is the key to success – with a product like JooFr! this is somewhat a less of a challenge for us. Our goal is to expand and expand at pace which allows us to maintain the quality of our product and services – so constantly scout new locations however we are very selective on where we place our machine. The factors vary depending on the city, however in general we see a few things like market size (number of consumers visiting the place on a daily basis), visibility, ease of access for our operations team and also what else is present in that location.

  • We have started with Mumbai in India and the number of machines in the market is expanding daily.

    You get what mother nature gives you – we select the best fruits possible and sometimes those fruits are not sweet and unlike everyone else we don't add anything to the juice – so your juice tastes exactly like mother nature intended it to taste!

  • It's a machine, sometimes due to various factors it breaks down and needs maintenance. Although we try to minimize the downtime by constantly monitoring the machine using our unique IoT system (Internet of Things). Getting to the machine and fixing it sometimes takes time as the maintenance team needs to physically review the problem and take corrective measures. In case you see a machine near you not working please feel free to call us and we will update you of the situation and approximate restart time.

  • We clean the machine atleast once daily – and depending on the usage we sometimes even clean the machine more than once in a day.

  • We have already started working this, and this should be online within the next 2 months.

  • We need more people like you. We are already in advanced stage of developing our business opportunity model and once finalized we will communicate to you directly via our twitter handle @joofr16. To be on the priority list – please send us an email on enquiries@joofr.com or leave us a message on this website. We will add you to the list and get in touch with you when we are ready.

    Our goal is to please everyone, if you are unhappy about something please don't hesitate to call us (+91 758 810 0050 for India) or email us at support@joofr.com. We will handle your complaint as a priority! Don't see your question in the FAQ section? Feel free to leave a comment here, or tweet to us @joofr16, or email us at support@joofr.com